Industrial Machine Services

Industrial Machine Services is a division of Northern Compressor, specializing in machinery repair. With a strong background in the printing industry, Industrial Machine Services offers repair services for a broad range of equipment; from printing presses to table saws. Service is available on site or at our facility. We also offer fabrication services for repairs or new products.

We take your business seriously – and we’ll troubleshoot, repair, rebuild or replace any brand of pump and compressor equipment.

Furthermore, we’ll source the best new or used equipment and parts for your operational needs – and help keep everything running smoothly with our precision maintenance. As regional experts in the greater Green Bay / Milwaukee area, the team at Northern Compressors is ready to provide the best and most comprehensive service for all your vacuum pump and compressor needs.

If you have any questions regarding our company or our services, please contact us at 920-757-6304 today.